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Northfields International High School (NIHS) is a registered secondary school, providing tuition in the English medium, and is non-denominational.

Acceptance and Placement

Initial acceptance and placement of new students is tentative and based primarily upon presented scholastic records, performance in the school entrance tests, and age. The Head of Northfields shall have the exclusive right to review the suitability of any acceptance and provisional placement. NIHS reserves the right to reject student acceptance within a twenty (20) school day period and to make changes in such placements as is deemed appropriate and in the best interest of the student and the school.

 Application forms and other documents are available here.

Academic Tests

Northfields International High School reserves the right to test students for the purpose of establishing their ability to perform in keeping with the academic standards of the school. To this end, the yearly intake into Form I and every other level, must necessarily sit the school entrance tests.

In every case, promotion from one year to the next at NIHS is based on academic progress and achievement, and is never automatic.

Medical Insurance / Assumption of Risk

Parents must consent to the person in charge acting in the parents' capacity, where necessary, whilst the pupil attends the school or participates in any extra-mural activities of the college, including, but not limited to, games, sporting activities, educational tours and excursions.

They should indemnify, hold harmless and absolve the school, Directors, Principal, Teachers, Staff, Employees or Agents against all or any loss, damages (direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise) or injury, expenses (including medical expenses), costs (including legal costs) suffered and/or incurred by the pupil in or on the premises of the school or in the course of any co-curricular and extra-mural activities of the school.

We hereby give our consent for the pupil to participate in all extra-mural activities organised by the school unless otherwise notified by written notice to the school.

No Refund Policy

Until such time as the payment of the Inception Fee has been made, the prospective pupil will not enjoy the benefit of a secured place at the school. It is the policy of NIHS not to refund school tuition or fees. The full school year costs as invoiced will be due and payable to NIHS regardless of the number of days a student attends school, except in three cases as follows:

Student Withdrawl During First 10 Student Days

A student who is withdrawn during the first ten (10) school days following the initial day of attendance and whose parents/ sponsor paid the full fees may be granted a tuition only refund less the pro rata share for the days enrolled, on the basis of annual tuition divided by the number of students days for that school year. Other fees, such as Inception fees shall be refundable to a maximum of 75%.

Student Exclusion

On the advice of the Head of school, the school may terminate the enrolment of a pupil who has failed to comply with the school's rules. The parents who sign this form agree to be liable for the settlement of the fees, charges or other disbursement made in respect of the student.

When a determination has been made by NIHS that a student cannot function successfully and is excluded during the first twenty (20) school days following the initial day of attendance, and whose parents paid the full fees, a tuition and fees refund will be granted. Subject refund will be calculated as annual tuition and fees, less the pro-rata share for the days enrolled on the basis of the annual tuition and fees divided by the number of student days for that school year. Other fees, such as Inception Fees shall be refundable to a maximum of 75%.


During the year various standardised tests may be administered. Occasionally, it may become necessary to complete a psychological/ educational evaluation. In some cases an interview may be scheduled with a psychologist of the school's choosing. Be assured that you as parents will be notified when tests or interviews are given, and the respective test and interview data will be made available to you at that time.

Northfields is committed to being the leading centre of academic excellence in the South-Western Indian Ocean Region.
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